Presenting Your Property


First Impressions Count

Want to encourage the best potential buyers to make higher offers on your property? There’s a lot you can do to present your property in the right way. From quick touch-ups to more extensive housework, Jordan & Halstead can guide you in making your property as attractive as possible.

Pavement Appeal

People often drive or walk past a property before they book an appointment. ‘Pavement appeal’ means attractive exterior and visual evidence, like freshly painted windows and front door, that suggest the property had been well maintained.


We recommend that you keep all walls painted in a light, neutral colour. A new coat of paint prior to marketing the property will always help it to look fresh and more welcoming.


Carpets should be a neutral colour throughout. Wooden or high quality laminate floors are also a good option as they are durable, easy to clean and popular with tenants.

Common Hallways

if possible try to keep these clean and tidy as first impressions are always important.


If the property has one try to keep it cut back and in seasonal condition.


Try to keep clutter to a minimum in order to make rooms seem as spacious as possible. If you have pets, it’s best to board them elsewhere and remove evidence like fur and ‘any lingering smells’. Make sure all lights are working so that the flat/house looks as light as possible. If it’s winter ensure the property is warm.


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