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We’ve been offering effective property services for years, to those that are looking to buy, sell, rent or let in the surrounding areas of our well-established Chester office. Our estate agents are all local property market experts and use their knowledge to deliver a quality service that’s simply unrivalled. Since we established our Chester office, we have continued to grow and expand, helping clients from even further afield to secure their dream house or sell their property. As such, we opened our Wilmslow branch, helping customers in areas such as Prestbury and surrounding locations such as Alderley Edge and Hale.

We’re an independent estate agent with a passion for providing a fantastic service to our customers. Whether you’re an experienced landlord looking for a new investment and property management services, a first-time buyer looking to secure your first home or a homeowner that’s ready to sell a property, we can offer a bespoke service that makes your needs the focal point. This approach to estate agency services has earned us a strong presence and great reputation in areas such as the North West of England, in locations such as Prestbury, and further afield in Chester and North Wales. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, rent or let in Prestbury, you can rest assured that you’ll have all the support you need thanks to our property experts.


A Quality Service Delivered By Experts

When it comes to picking an estate agent to work with, we think that knowledge of the local property market is key. After all, your estate agent will help you navigate the local property market regardless of who you are – whether you’re a vendor, buyer, tenant or landlord. Thankfully, there is no team better placed to help you navigate the Prestbury property market – all of our team live and work in the Cheshire area and can provide great insight and information about the local area.

Understanding the property market and what this means for you might feel like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. We understand that it can leave some people feeling overwhelmed, which is why we’re committed to providing an enjoyable experience. We’ll offer support and advice throughout the process as well as expert knowledge you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Our exceptional services are tailored exactly to your needs and goals, to help you with a successful sale or a worthwhile property investment.

If you want to sell or invest in a property in Prestbury or the surrounding areas in Cheshire, we’d love to hear from you and offer our services. To take the next step and start this exciting new chapter, contact the team at Jordan and Halstead today.


We Offer Free Property Valuations

We’re proud to offer a free property valuation service – you can find out the value of your home with no obligations. So, if you’re thinking about selling your home or you’re a landlord and need an insight into your property value to inform your rent costs, then look no further. If you need to find out more about the value of your Prestbury property, our fantastic team would be happy to help.

Finding out the value of your property is a simple and enjoyable process, thanks to the team at Jordan and Halstead. One of our agents will arrive at your property at a convenient time, and then we’ll take all the time we need to assess your property to provide a fair and accurate valuation. Because of our local knowledge, we can tell you about current housing price trends that may affect your property valuation. We’ll take all of this into account, as well as the property address and size, when providing you with a valuation.

During the property valuation process, we’ll also be on hand to offer our expertise regarding how to boost the value of your home. This will ensure that you get the most from your investment. Once the valuation is complete, we’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding your valuation or the next steps, if you decide that you’d like to sell or let with us.


What We Do In Prestbury & Cheshire

When it comes to buying and selling property in Prestbury and the wider Chester area, our team have the expertise to help inform your key decisions. If you’re interested in moving to the area, then we can provide valuable information about the location, from transport links to schools and any local amenities that will help you to get a feel for the community.

Whatever your property goals are, if you need an estate agent it’s likely that you’re about to embark on an important chapter in your life, whether that’s property investment, selling your house or finding a rental property that you’re proud to call home. We can help you to get the most from your experience so that you can start this new chapter the right way.

We know that no client is the same. Everyone that visits our branch or gets in touch with us online will have different property preferences, goals and budgets. We work flexibly to provide a service that’s tailored to you. For property buyers, we’ll help you find a home that makes a worthwhile investment. For vendors, we’ll ensure that the sales process is effective and efficient. As for landlords, we offer property management services to take care of your asset and if you’re a tenant, we’ll work hard to make sure that you’re always comfortable and safe in your rental home.


Get in touch

Contact our team today and enquire about our free valuation & find out how much your home is worth.


The Property Market In Prestbury and Cheshire

Prestbury, Macclesfield and the surrounding county of Cheshire are widely considered prosperous areas to live. The property market offers an array of properties to suit all tastes, whether you’re looking for a family house in an idyllic country location or a smaller home, suitable for an individual or a couple, in a more central location. Cheshire is home to the famous ‘Cheshire Golden Triangle’ which consists of Prestbury, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge – these areas boast some of the most expensive and sought after properties outside of London. Prestbury, Cheshire and surrounding locations are ideally located close to many Northern cities, including Chester, Manchester and Liverpool, so residents can enjoy city life whenever they choose.



As part of the Cheshire Golden Triangle, the Prestbury property market has many grand, affluent properties on offer that are ideal for families, couples and singles alike. Like many villages in Cheshire, Prestbury village has many beautiful green spaces where residents can enjoy the countryside, coupled with a high street that has plenty to offer to the community. From independent boutiques and salons to a handful of fantastic restaurants and bars, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

As for enjoying the countryside, there are plenty of routes to take around Prestbury to enjoy all that the area has to offer, on foot. With nearby locations just a short trip away too, such as Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, you can also cross over into these locations to enjoy their scenery. For a lovely walk, take a trip to The Edge for unrivalled, scenic views.



Macclesfield, situated on the River Bollin, is a popular market town around 1.5 miles from Prestbury. Like many of its surrounding areas, Macclesfield is considered an affluent town with many sought after properties. It attracts a variety of residents from young couples to families and professional singles too. As well as all the main shops and amenities you would expect to find in a town centre, Macclesfield offers hidden gems along its cobbled side streets, including independent bars and restaurants as well as vintage shops.

Perfect for commuters and those that like to be close to a city centre, you can easily access Manchester City Centre from Macclesfield, with a 20-minute train journey. As such, residents can enjoy what the city has to offer whilst enjoying their home in a town that’s surrounded by picturesque countryside and forests.

There’s an extensive range of properties on the market in Macclesfield, from new developments to Victorian-style homes. There’s plenty of properties to suit a range of preferences and budgets – despite being a popular area, properties in Macclesfield can still be relatively affordable. Better still, local schools in the area are excellent which makes it the perfect place to raise a family.



The property market in Wilmslow also boasts many luxurious properties, many of which come with several acres of land. Because Wilmslow is such a popular location for property buyers that are looking for unique properties in an ideal spot, the housing market can be competitive. Many of the homes in Wilmslow are bespoke builds, meaning that property buyers can find a one-of-a-kind property.

The location of the town makes it a desirable location to live in. It has excellent transport links to major cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, making it a popular place to live for professionals. As for things to do, Wilmslow is an ideal location for those that want a mix of countryside living with an exciting social scene. With a wealth of bars and restaurants but beautiful green spaces such as The Carrs Park and Black Lake, Wilmslow strikes this balance perfectly.


Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge was originally a holiday destination for cotton barons in the 1800s but since then, it has evolved considerably. Nowadays, Alderley Edge is a prosperous, affluent area with a thriving property market. From apartment developments to stylish detached houses and country properties with vast landscaped gardens, many of the homes on offer are popular with professional singles, couples and families. As part of the Golden Triangle, some of these properties are the most luxurious in the area.

With great local schools and the perfect balance between the countryside and a busy village centre, it’s no wonder that Alderley Edge is a top choice for families. Those that like sport can enjoy a multitude of sports facilities including excellent golf courses, whilst walkers can enjoy great scenery on their strolls around the village. As for food and drink, the village centre offers a wide range of spots for fine dining that are ideal for couples, friends and families.


Why Choose Jordan and Halstead?

We’re known for our personal approach to estate agency services – it’s what gives us such a strong reputation in the areas that we operate in. To deliver this personal service, we like to build strong relationships with our customers to truly understand their needs and goals. With this approach, we offer the best customer service experience that you could find in the property sector. Working with Jordan and Halstead to secure your dream property or sell your home is an unrivalled experience. Navigating the housing market doesn’t have to be stressful, we’re on hand to help.

If you’re interested in buying a home, selling a property or securing a rental home, get in touch with our experienced team here at Jordan and Halstead. One of our friendly agents will be happy to answer any questions and provide further information about the services that are most relevant to you.


Everyone deserves to find their dream home. Here at Jordan & Halstead, we’ll provide support throughout your search and we’ll help you to get the most out of your investment opportunity in Prestbury and Cheshire.

From first-time buyers to experienced landlords, our property services can be tailored exactly to your goals. When looking for a property for sale, we’ll be on hand to offer professional advice and help you navigate the relevant processes and procedures when it comes to securing your ideal property. We’ll ensure that your estate agency experience, when looking for a house for sale, is enjoyable and stress-free.

Here are some top tips for you, for securing your dream home:

Stay Organised

Get your finances in order as soon as you can. This can help to show that you’re the ideal candidate for the property, build trust between you and the seller and speed up the process of buying a house.

Be Aware of Additional Costs

Buying a property comes with lots of additional costs from solicitors fees to stamp duty, removal fees and mortgage-related costs. Remember to consider all of these charges when you’re setting a property budget.

Be Prepared for Challenges & Changes

Sometimes you may come up against obstacles along the way when buying a property. Be prepared for delays and issues that are often out of your control. You can be prepared by remaining flexible and communicative and by arranging alternative accommodation if your moving date gets delayed for any reason.


Selling your property usually marks the start of a new chapter in your life. Let us help you get this new chapter off to a great start with an enjoyable sales process.

The property market is always changing, so you need the support of an estate agent that knows the local property market in Prestbury and how to ensure the sale of your home is successful. If you choose to sell your home with us, we’ll make sure that you get a great deal. We’ll make sure that you have a full understanding of the process and what’s involved, keeping you informed at all times.

Here’s how we can help with a successful sale:

Accurate valuations

We’ll assess your property to provide an accurate valuation that kick starts the process of selling your home. We can also give you tips on how to boost the value of your property.


We’ll market your property to attract potential buyers. If you’re looking to sell your Prestbury property, we’ll use professional photography and videography as well as descriptions that include property details and all the property benefits. We’ll get your home seen online and through social media to maximise visibility.

Ongoing support

Selling can be a daunting process, but we’re on hand to help at every stage. We’ll help to conduct viewings and help you to complete all of the necessary documentation to complete the sale effectively and efficiently.


Our team have decades of experience with regards to helping prospective tenants find their ideal rental home. We’re also a go-to agent for landlords that are looking to let their property.

For landlords, it’s important to know that your asset is in safe hands. Thankfully, Jordan and Halstead provide a range of property management services to help take care of your property. Whether you’re a new landlord or have a property portfolio, we can take care of your asset for you.


From the outset, we invest in marketing to attract the ideal tenants.

We’ll conduct tenant checks to make sure that potential tenants are reliable.

We can draft tenancy agreements on your behalf.

We’ll arrange repairs and maintenance when required.

We’ll carry out inspections every six months.

Our Rent on Time scheme means that you’ll always receive your rent when expected, without the stress of chasing tenants.


Once you’re ready to buy a property, it’s time to consider which mortgage is right for you. With so many options out there, you might feel overwhelmed with the choice. We can provide you with information to help you decide on the right mortgage product for your home in Prestbury.

Our independent financial services department can provide you with valuable information about the mortgage products that are on the market. Then, you can make an informed decision about the product that’s right for you and you can feel confident about your choice. We understand that everyone has a unique set of financial and personal circumstances, so we’ll provide tailored, impartial advice that’s relevant to you. We’re happy to discuss mortgages for first-time buyers as well as the process of remortgaging.

For landlords, we can provide advice regarding the insurance policies you may wish to take out to protect your property. However, please note that we will not provide advice regarding specific providers. We have a close relationship with key lender Let Alliance Ltd, so we can offer advice regarding their policies for the likes of contents insurance and landlord building insurance. You can also seek alternative providers, using online resources or a broker.


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