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Off Market Sales, Property Sourcing and Relocation

The Jordan and Halstead Home Finder service is designed to help buyers find properties that are not on the open market, these types of properties are often referred to as “Off Market”.

At Jordan and Halstead we have various options for buyers, sellers and people looking to relocate. We have a register of Off-Market homes across Cheshire, Manchester, and North Wales. These properties are not on the open market, but the owners are willing to sell should we find a buyer. This register is ideal for people who are considering selling “for the right price” but do not wish to actively market their homes or investments publicly. The register is also ideal for buyers who have exhausted their search through Rightmove, Zoopla and other websites, as it offers the opportunity to view homes that others have not seen.


Home Finder is also well positioned for buyers and people relocating, in that we can actively source properties that are completely off market. Our property sourcing service allows us to target properties in certain areas, sizes, price ranges and styles. This is perfect for buyers wanting to be in a certain location or a specific style of property. Our systems can narrow properties down to square footage, value, rooms, style etc, this means we only approach properties that meet your criteria. We find what you can’t see.


Benefits To A Buyer:

  • Less Competition – if a property is actively sourced for you, then it will be a completely off market. This means that you, as the buyer, will have exclusivity on the property. This means you will not get embroiled in a bidding war or best and final offers.
  • Smoother Transaction – Buying an off-market property means it should be a smoother, more relaxed affair. You will not be worrying about sellers actively marketing the property trying to find other bidders, as you have exclusivity on the property.
  • Price – You will only pay the price you want to pay. You have exclusivity on the house and therefore you and the seller will agree a figure that you are both comfortable, considering you have the security of it being exclusive and they have less disruption.

Benefits To A Seller:

  • Confidentiality – Many people do not want neighbours, relatives of colleagues to know they are selling/moving. Using our Off-Market system give you complete peace of mind that this will not happen.
  • Less Disruption – Selling off market means that you will not have your property marketed on portals, websites, or databases. All marketing will be completely confidential, meaning little or no disruption to you.
  • Price – You only agree a sale at a price you and your buyer are comfortable at. This price is reflective of them having exclusivity on your home.

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