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Jordan and Halstead have operated in the Cheshire area for many years, offering expert local knowledge and property market services to residents and newcomers to the area looking to invest. We proudly serve Poynton and its surrounding areas of Prestbury, Woodford, Bramhall, and Hazel Grove.

For many years, our team has served the region from our Chester office, covering the areas of Chester, Cheshire, and North Wales. We have since established our presence in other primary locations within the region, including Poynton. From here we have a vantage point to the area, bringing our unique brand of honesty and transparency to the local property market. We offer advisory and property market services to homeowners looking to make improvements to their homes and sell them advantageously. We also work with landlords looking to attract tenants to their properties. Anyone owning or intending to own a property in the area can look to us for helpful guidance.


Our Experienced Team

Many of our team live and work within Cheshire, making them highly knowledgeable about property investment in the area and how best to go about acquiring your dream home. For those looking to sell or rent, we also provide guidance on the most impactful improvements that can boost property value. We guide our customers on the processes of buying, selling, renting and letting so they fully comply with requirements.

With the property market often fluctuating, investors need professional guidance to make the most informed decisions. Contact us at Jordan and Halstead if interested in investing in Poynton, Prestbury, Woodford, Bramhall, Hazel Grove and the surrounding areas.


What We Do in Poynton & Cheshire

At Jordan and Halstead, we have worked as local property experts covering the Cheshire and South Manchester region for many years. With time we have opened new branches to serve the East Cheshire area.

Our goal when meeting each client is to help them find that dream home, one that they will take pleasure in for years to come. Given the importance and hefty cost of property investment, we aim to achieve the best possible results. Our commitment to providing exceptional service is buoyed by the scrupulously honest advice and feedback we give to ensure you make the best possible decisions.

As our team lives and works within Cheshire, their intimate knowledge of the local property market makes them best placed to offer advice and guidance. Anything you need to know about living and working here, they can tell you all about it. From schools to sports facilities, farmers market days to transport links, there is nothing we do not know about the local communities and how their culture and lifestyle can match up to your own.

Our expertise allows us to not just help find you the ideal property, but also gauge the correct market value, negotiate, stage and more. With Jordan and Halstead on your side, we can help you make the most of this investment opportunity.


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The Property Market in Poynton and Cheshire

East Cheshire is a highly desirable area to live in with many affluent villages and neighbourhoods. The region is particularly famous for its Cheshire Golden Triangle that is made up of some of the most exclusive residences outside of London and Manchester. It has had many notable residents over the years including famous sports personalities, tycoon business people, actors, musicians, authors, and scientists. A mainly rural agricultural county, it offers a good selection of property options ranging from palatial country estates to new apartment developments.



Poynton started as a thriving coal-mining village that has since grown to become an important commuter town to Manchester and Birmingham with a population of over 14,000. An abundance of luxury properties and excellent transport links has made it a popular choice for young professionals and families. Its railway station is located along the Macclesfield to Manchester line. A train ride to Manchester takes just 30 minutes while to London takes 2 hours.

Green spaces are plentiful thanks to recreational walkways, a park next to the “Poynton pool”, the nearby Lyme Park and expansive countryside. It also has four primary schools that are well rated by Ofsted, along with other good high schools in neighbouring areas.

While the village does have many large mansions and traditional terraced properties to choose from, there are also modern family homes and apartment complexes.



Located to the south of Poynton, off the A523, Prestbury is right on the banks of River Bollin. Its close proximity to the Golden Cheshire Triangle has helped make it a key target for those looking for luxury living. The village dates back to the 1200s and has an abundance of characteristic mid-19th century black and white architecture. While there are many detached and semi-detached properties, the village also includes numerous luxury mansions that have become residences for notable sports and TV personalities and entrepreneurs.

Prestbury has won several Best Kept Village awards, attesting to the community’s commitment to ensuring the preservation of beauty. For those working outside the area, there are good transport options thanks to rail links through Macclesfield and Wilmslow, and easy access to the A523. There are several well-rated primary and high schools including Bollington St. John’s Primary and Falibroome High schools.


Hazel Grove

Situated to the north of Poynton along the A523, Hazel Grove is well served by the Northwest Motorway Network. It is along the 192 bus route from Manchester via Stockport. It is also on the A6 road that runs from Luton to Carlisle.

Named for the many hazel trees in the area, it is well served by excellent primary schools including Hazel Grove Primary, Moorfield Primary, and St. Simon’s. Hazel Grove has a diverse variety of shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants. The area has several recreational centres, a local football club, Torkington Park, and is near the Peak District national park. The excellent amenities, transport links to Manchester, locally-based companies and recreational options have made it a popular choice for working professionals and families that do not wish to be far from the action.

Property options here vary greatly from studio flats to expansive mansions. Its abundance of good schools does attract families, while the work opportunities and transport links have been appealing for professional singles and couples.


Why Choose Jordan and Halstead?

Property investment is a costly business and should be carefully considered. The better informed you are, the better decisions you will make. At Jordan and Halstead, we take the time and effort to ensure you get all the professional help you need to make appropriate decisions when moving to a new house. With our guidance, you will find that dream home you always hoped for in Poynton and the Cheshire area.

Whenever you are ready to buy, sell, rent or let a property in Poynton, Cheshire or the surrounding area, reach out to us at Jordan and Halstead for exemplary property market services.


At Jordan & Halstead Poynton, we want our clients to only get the best when buying and selling their home – we’re here to provide the guidance you need.

Buying and selling a property isn’t always fun and easy – but it should be! Our job here at Jordan & Halstead is to help you to make the most out of the process. Finding a dream home is one of the most exciting things someone can go through, and we want you to feel like you’re getting a great deal in the process. That’s why our team is always communicative, honest and transparent with you. Our team of expert estate professionals in our Poynton branch are ready to give you the best guidance in order to make the decisions that work for you and your financial situation. Our job is to make the process and easy and stress free as possible – here are some of our tips for making buying a property as enjoyable as possible:

Consider the extra costs involved

This is something that a lot of people, especially first time buyers, tend to forget or neglect. There can be a lot of extra costs that come with buying a new home, which can cause problems, especially if you don’t already have a sold home to take the weight of this unforeseen charges. Surveys, removals, mortgage arrangement fees, stamp duty and more can all quickly add up – this is one of the reasons that having a reliable estate agent is so important.

Sort out your finances quickly

Want to make yourself a highly desirable candidate when buying a house? Make sure that when putting in an offer, you already have your finances sorted out. This can help speed up the process a great deal and have the seller put more trust in you. Have your mortgage agreement in principle already arranged, make sure that your documentation is organised and ready, and have a solicitor in place – being financially ready will do a lot for your offers and applications.

Be flexible and remain communicative

It’s no secret that one of the biggest headaches when buying a house can be the chain of buyers and sellers that you are part of. This is largely out of your control and it can make your moving date be delayed – the best thing you can do is to plan for this, remain flexible, and keep that chain moving smoothly!


Believe it or not, buying a home doesn’t need to be stressful. With the experienced team of property experts here at our Poynton branch by your side, you can enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable experience buying your dream property. 


From valuation to negotiating – with Jordan & Halstead, you can feel confident you’re in safe hands. There’s nowhere better to sell your property in Poynton.

For the team here at Jordan & Halstead in Poynton, there’s nothing we love more than helping someone to quickly and easily sell their home while getting a deal that they love. The market can be difficult, but with Jordan & Halstead Poynton, you’ll benefit from a team of experienced experts with a passion for helping you to sell.


It’s hard to get a good deal for your property when it’s not clear exactly how much it’s worth. That’s why the first step for us is always to visit your property for a bespoke and realistic property valuation to give you a clear picture of what you should expect. A poor valuation can result in a stressful and drawn out selling process – we’re here to help prevent this.


This is possibly the most crucial step in selling your home – and, unfortunately, it’s one of the steps that most estate agents fail to fully deliver on. But when you choose the Poynton estate agents with Jordan & Halstead, you can rest assured that we are going above and beyond to market your property. We spend more time, effort and resources than any of our competitors. We’ll list your property on all the biggest portals like Zoopla and Rightmove, and we’ll make sure that your property gets the exposure it deserves.


When it comes to estate agents in Poynton, no one is better suited to giving you the advice and guidance you need for an enjoyable selling experience. From advising decoration to prepare for viewings to helping to negotiate with buyers, our great team is always on hand to give you the very best service around. From the small things to the big, the Jordan & Halstead Poynton estate agent team will give you the confidence you need.


Need a lettings agent in Poynton? Having an agency that understands your local market and that will guide throughout the process is invaluable.

If you’re renting or letting a property in Poynton, then you want a lettings agency that will support you in every way that you need. Our experienced team here at Jordan & Halstead are more than prepared to advise and guide you, and will have your back every step of the way.


Landlord Services


Got a rental property that’s sitting empty and unused? We know that’s a nightmare for landlords and you’re probably losing money the longer it goes on. This is why our Poynton based lettings agents will do everything in their power to market your rental properties in order to find reliable tenants – supporting you to make the most of your investments.

Property Management

Not every landlord has the time that it takes to be as hands on as they would like. That’s why our property management services in Poynton are so popular – they allow you to relax and focus on other things while making the most of your investment. We’ll screen tenants, manage your property, and ensure that you are aligned with all the necessary regulations.


Rent On Time

Having problems chasing and collecting rent from your tenants? We know what a frustrating problem and headache this can be. But that’s why the Jordan & Halstead team set up our unique Rent On Time service, giving landlords the opportunity to focus on other things. Want to save time chasing tenants for the rent you are owed? Our lettings agents in Poynton can help you achieve just this.


Services For Tenants

Sometimes as a tenant, you need support and assistance in order to make your home feel like home. Here at Jordan & Halstead, we work with a range of trusted and qualified tradesmen in order to help fix issues, repair, and maintain your rented property. Tenants in Jordan & Halstead in Poynton can even pay their rent online for their convenience and report maintenance issues directly to us.


Here at Jordan & Halstead, we are committed to providing our customers with the advice they need to make the important decisions. Our Poynton based mortgage advisors and financial services department are there to help you improve you financial and property positions, offering security and guidance along the way. 

Our financial services in Poynton cover a wide range of different subjects, such as:



Building insurance

Contents insurance

Equity release services

Critical health insurance

Life insurance


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