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Jordan and Halstead began its journey many years ago with the setting up of our Chester office where we served the clients from the immediate vicinity, Cheshire, and North Wales. With the more recent opening of our Wilmslow branch, we have been able to better serve the localities of South Cheshire.

With a stronger local presence in the region, we have become market leaders in all matters property related. Our brand of honesty and transparency has done much to forge our reputation amongst homeowners and landlords in the area. We offer a comprehensive range of services. We offer advisory, valuation, and marketing services to those looking to sell. We also assist landlords looking to attract tenants to make improvements that will appeal to the market. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we can also help point you in the right direction.


To find your dream home you will need the services of a local professional who can match your needs and desires to the right property and location.  With our long presence in the market, our team of experts can offer quality advice that will guide you to your dream home. 


Our Experienced Team

Our experience and professional network also makes us the right partner to help make your moving house an easy process. We offer free no-obligation valuations to help clients adhere to their financial goals. For homeowners, we are also able to help in pinpointing areas of improvement that will provide the best return on investment.

Even in the highly desirable settlements of Cheshire, property values can be volatile. Let us help you navigate the market as you consider a move to such towns a Bramhall, Alderley EdgeWilmslowPoynton, Prestbury, and Macclesfield. Get in touch with us at Jordan and Halstead today for any real estate services.


What We Do in Bramhall & Cheshire

Having worked for many years from Chester in serving the greater Cheshire and South Manchester areas, our team at Jordan and Halstead recently graduated to opening a second office in Wilmslow. This move has allowed us to better serve the local communities in the area, making maximum use of our expertise and dedication to helping many find their dream home. We have also assisted in preparing properties for the market and connecting landlords to good potential tenants.

Whatever property goals you have, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve them. Our comprehensive services can take care of just about any property issue you want to be addressed. From house staging to pricing strategies, we know it all. With our team residing locally in Bramhall and within the greater Cheshire area, you will not find a better resource on local culture, amenities, hospitals, recreation, transport links, and more.

Peace of mind comes from knowing how and when to do the correct thing. With Jordan and Halstead Estate Agents, you will have easy access to all the information and expertise that will make you confident in your property decisions.


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The Property Market in Bramhall and Cheshire

South Manchester and East Cheshire are home to some of the best and most desirable residential communities to be found outside of London. The type and pricing of housing will vary from place to place, but overall this region has a thriving property market stimulated by excellent transport links, easily accessible green spaces, shopping, and good schools. The Cheshire Golden Triangle is of especial note thanks to its concentration of expansive luxury properties that have attracted many famous sports and TV personalities, actors, musicians, and writers.



A historic Cheshire village, Bramhall has an abundance of traditional architecture, particularly the Cheshire speciality of black and white Tudor buildings dating back to the mid-19th century. The area has a vibrant social scene, with a good number of restaurants, pubs, and cafes. There are also many well-rated schools, village shops, a cinema and leisure centre. Sports enthusiasts are well catered to with several nearby golf courses, a cricket, and a tennis club. The town has also allocated a sizable area as green spaces with the Bramhall Park centrally located with many acres of walkways, tree cover, gardens, and lakes.

The Bramhall train station is on the mainline from London to Manchester, via Stoke-on-Trent and Macclesfield. The town also has several bus lines to Manchester, Stockport, Woodford, Hazel Grove, Cheadle Hulme, and Parrs Wood. It is also just 6 miles from the Manchester Airport making domestic and international air travel easy.

Despite the abundance of historical buildings, Bramhall has plenty of newer developments including modern apartments and detached homes. It is a good commuter town and is considered one of the friendliest places in Britain.



Another highly desirable town to settle in, Wilmslow has an abundance of luxury properties to choose from. Located on the banks of River Bolin, the area has plenty of green spaces thanks to the large acreage of many palatial properties, several golf courses, the Lindow Common, and Bollin valley.

With many departments stores and designer brand shops, residents need not travel to London for their shopping. There are plenty of highly-rated restaurants, pubs and cafes for those looking to indulge in the social scene. With so many famous actors and sports personalities living around, there is a good chance you might bump into them here. The area also has many well-rated local primary and private schools to choose from.

The area also has good transport links thanks to the easily accessible M56 and A34 roads. It is also on the rail line to Manchester. As an affluent neighbourhood, there are plenty of large and bespoke homes that offer buyers the chance to invest in unique options.


Hazel Grove

Situated to the east of Bramhall, this suburb is a popular choice thanks to impressive transport links including the A6 and A523. It is also just 15 miles from Manchester and about 20-minutes’ drive from Manchester Airport. This commuter town is well furnished with amenities that any person or family would need.

It has several good schools including Norbury Hall Primary and Hazel Grove High School. Shopping choices are plentiful with a Marks and Spencer and Asda accessible. On the social scene, there are plenty of restaurant choices, bars, and cafes. Torkington Park is a great place to enjoy a walk or picnic, and if looking for something more challenging you can visit the local skating rink.

Hazel Grove offers a good variety of affordable property options. You can find old and modern developments including apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached, detached and country estate houses.


Why Choose Jordan and Halstead?

At Jordan and Halstead, we value our customer relationships and make it a priority to ensure total satisfaction. Finding your dream home is not easy, but thanks to our expertise we can make it an exciting and wholesome experience you will never regret. Our local knowledge and understanding of the industry make us your best bet to finding that ideal home in Bramhall and the Cheshire area.

So, whether you looking to buy, sell, let, or rent a property in Bramhall, Cheshire, or the surrounding area, get in touch with us at Jordan and Halstead.


Want to enjoy buying your dream home? Here at Jordan & Halstead in Bramhall, that’s exactly what we want too.

With gorgeous traditional architecture and a thriving social scene, who wouldn’t want to buy a property in Bramhall? Well, if you are then Jordan & Halstead’s Bramhall estate agent team is here to help! Of course, the market is competitive and buying a new home can be daunting, especially for first time buyers. But we’re here to guide and assist you through your home buying process. Buying your dream home should be exciting, after all! And you’re in luck, because no estate agents in Bramhall will spend more time, effort and resources helping you on your journey than the team here at Jordan & Halstead. Here are some of our first tips to help you get off the ground more easily and more quickly:

Be careful of gazumping

Gazumping… sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Well, it is! It’s when you agree a sale verbally, but are then outpriced before the property is taken off the market. This is a horrible feeling to endure, and we always help our customers to avoid it. Our Bramhall estate agents team will help you to avoid haggling too aggressively with your seller and ensuring that the property is taken off the market as soon as you have verbally agreed a sale – all in order to avoid gazumping and to help secure your dream property!

Prepare for extra costs

Nobody wants to have their perfect home in sight, only to be held up by unexpected extra costs – this is a horrible but avoidable feeling, that could even cost you your property! You should be prepared for everything from removal fees, stamp duty, mortgage arrangement fees, surveys and more. These costs might seem fairly insignificant when buying a house, but believe us when we say that they can really add up. It’s hard to be completely prepared, but working with a reliable estate agent is one of the best things you can do.

Sort out your finances early

Want to be a desirable candidate that appeals to home sellers? Take control of negotiations by having your finances sorted as soon into the process as possible. Not only will your seller appreciate it, but it will mean that the entire process moves more quickly and easily. Having a solicitor in place, your mortgage agreement in principle, and all your documentation sorted is definitely best practice.


Believe it or not, buying a home can actually be fun and easy! It just requires the experience and insight to plan ahead. Fortunately, our team of Bramhall based estate agents here at Jordan & Halstead are perfectly suited to helping you on your way to a successful home purchase. Bramhall is a gorgeous and appealing location, so don’t miss out!


Selling a house can be difficult and frustrating. But with the Jordan & Halstead team in Bramhall, it won’t be.

The market can be difficult and fast moving, making selling a property quickly while also getting a great deal very difficult. Fortunately, if you’re selling a property in Bramhall, the team here at Jordan & Halstead has all the local experience and insight to help you on your way!


It’s hard to get your sale off the ground without a good valuation – it could sabotage your attempts entirely! But if you’re selling your Bramhall property, then the first thing the Jordan & Halstead team will do is to visit for an accurate and bespoke valuation. We’ll discuss your opportunities and possibilities and help to get things moving.


When you’re selling a home, you want to do so quickly while attracting generous and beneficial offers. Well, good marketing is the key to both of those things – and no estate agent in Bramhall will spend more time and effort marketing your property to the highest standards possible. We’ll get your property seen in the best light possible, including marketing on online portals like Zoopla and Rightmove.

Viewings and Negotiation

Hosting excellent open house and property viewings is absolutely one of the best ways for you to attract higher offers – we’ll do everything we can to help with this. Then, we’ll help you to negotiate with potential buyers – giving you some breathing room to focus on other things and to relax. And we aim to complete any sale within 90 days too!


Letting or renting in Bramhall? The Jordan & Halstead team is here to give you the support you deserve.

Being a landlord is notoriously time consuming and can be incredibly frustrating. You need to make the most of your investment, but this requires a very hands-on approach that you might not have the time for. Well, you’re in luck because there’s no lettings agent in Bramhall who will support you and give you more breathing room than the team here at Jordan & Halstead:


You want bespoke tenancy agreements that benefit you – we will help you organise this.

Want only the best and most reliable tenants? We’ll perform referencing and credit checks on your behalf.

If you are sick of chasing tenants for rent, then our unique Rent On Time service might be of interest to you. We’ll pay rent and chase tenants for you, giving you more time to focus on other things.

Emergency repairs are a headache – but with Jordan & Halstead, we’ll handle these for you, alongside ongoing maintenance.

There isn’t another Bramhall lettings agency that spends as much time and effort marketing your property as us.

We’ll help you keep on top with detailed inspections every six months.

The team here will ensure that your property is aligned with all necessary regulations, such as the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and other documentation.


Need mortgage advice in Bramhall? We are here to help, supporting you with our experience, insight and expertise.

Mortgages and other financial decisions can be an incredibly daunting part of buying a new home. We understand this, which is why we’re here to help! For mortgage advice in Bramhall, there’s nowhere better than the Jordan & Halstead financial services department – we’re here to help you make the decisions that benefit your financial situation and offer you security and confidence along the way:



Building insurance

Contents insurance

Equity release services

Critical health insurance

Life insurance


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